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✨Friday night delight

🌴Friday 31st May

✨Angel potato

✨Carrot sambol

✨Chickpea delight curry

✨Green bean curry

✨Beetroot curry

✨Sweet pototo pakaora & pineapple chutney

 Set menu, all of the above, 

enough for 4 adult portions


Picking up without rice £35

Picking up with rice £37 


Delivery without rice £37

Delivery with rice  £39 


 🌟Pick up from Lochhouses Farm EH42 1XP 

🌟Delivery route ~ North Berwick, Gullane, Aberlady, Haddington, East Linton & Dunbar 


✨Sri Lankan Delights🌴

Food to keep you well nourished

Made with love✨💕


Bringing clean, fresh, super healthy, high vibration food to East Lothian.


✨Always 100% plant based using organic, local vegetables as much as possible and homemade coconut milk.  

All the oil used for cooking is organic coconut oil, spices are organic and the salt used is Himalayan pink salt. All food is pure with no additives, preservatives or sugar.


✨Made fresh by an authentic Sri Lankan chef with high priority to hygiene and care.


🌟Please say which rice and rotti you would like at the time of booking. If you don’t specify we will prepare white basmati rice and wheat roti for you.


✨Sri Lankan Delights can be delivered to your door step free on the above days. Due to the small scale operation and the size of East Lothian it is not possible to deliver at a set time. ETA is usually between 4.30pm and 6.30pm each day. 🌟For those beyond these areas, it is possible to pick up orders from Lochhouses Farm near Whitekirk between 4.30pm and 7pm each day.


🌟Available by request🌟

To accommodate preferred spice levels and 

promote peace at meal times 

Spice it up - Hot chilli sauce🌶

Cool it down - Coconut sauce🥒



✨The nature of Sri Lankan Delights is not a fast food delivery. Your food will not arrive piping hot in aluminium or plastic containers. It is most important for us to use sustainable packaging that is biodegradable. All food is consciously prepared slowly to support nutritional quality and flavour.  You may prefer to eat it as soon as it arrives or gently heat it first (in winter it is best to warm it gently before serving). Traditionally it is served not hot in temperature, instead the heat and flavour comes from the divine combination of spices.


All food is made fresh just before it is delivered. You can keep the curries in the fridge for up to 2 days if you’d like to eat later. The flavours can change as they infuse and it can taste even better the next day.


🌟For samosa, pakora, dhal, kale, rotti and coconut sambol it is best to eat them on the day of delivery.🌟


For rice, if it is kept in the fridge over night, it can be heated (until cooked right through) and eaten the next day (never longer than 1 day). We love to make fried rice with left over rice. Sri Lankan fried rice has chopped onion, garlic, chilli and ginger cooked in coconut oil for a few minutes, then add grated carrot, sliced green beans and finely chopped cabbage.  When all veg is soft add rice and stir until rice is cooked all the way through. Serve and add salt and pepper. Yum!


Sri Lankan people do eat a lot of rice with their curry so you may find you have rice left over.  Fried rice is a great way to make the most of left over rice.  For left over curry, we love to eat the next day served with noodles, fresh bread or in a warm wrap ☺️


The Sri Lankan way to eat rice and curry is to mix them together.  Each person having a bit of each curry, blending with rice or roti and eating using just a pair of clean hands.  It is an art that we can help you with!


Spices vary with each dish.  They have been adapted to accommodate Scottish palates. If you would like extra chilli please let us know and we can include a spice it up sauce.🌶


Allergy advice 


all food is 100% vegan ~ no animal products  

and created in a vegan kitchen ☺️


✨all food is nut and sesame seed free (apart from pop up dessert - vegan cheese cake and vegan ice cream)


✨all food is gluten free ✨(apart from protein delight curry, samosa & wheat roti ~ chickpea delight curry, vegetable pakora and buckwheat rotti is available instead)


✨all food is soya free ✨(apart from protein delight & tofu curry ~ chickpea delight curry is available instead)


✨all food is mushroom free ✨(apart from protein delight curry ~ chickpea delight curry is available instead)


✨all food is yeast free ✨(apart from protein delight has miso paste and samosa and wheat rotti has self raising flour ~chickpea delight curry, vegetable pakora and buckwheat rotti is available instead)


✨all curries contain onion, garlic, mustard seed, chilli and other spices and can't be made without


✨As all the food is made fresh there are a set number of orders for each day. Booking in advance is recommended. 


✨A lot of people enjoy sharing their delight meal with neighbours and friends😊


✨Order by text or email 



Please give details of:

✨Your name, phone number and email address

✨ Delivery day you would like

(Are you in the free delivery area or are you picking up?)


✨ Your full address including post code and any helpful directions


✨Whether you would like brown or white basmati rice


✨ When orders are booked a confirmation message with payment details will be sent to you. ✨


✨The menu has the curries available on each day.  

At the moment it is not possible to have curries from another day, change the menu or have additional curries✨Sri Lankan food takes a lot of time and care to prepare. This keeps it simple and most jolly in the kitchen  ☺️


We hope Sri Lankan Delights brings you happiness and nourishes you body and soul ✨


Thank you so much and look forward to seeing you soon!




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